^ First Video Up Is the Art of Tuning ^
* Something really worth Tuning into* 
NEXT : Below Video is a feel good Flow if you just want to watch the magic of the slide in musical motion.
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Lesson Break Down
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Lesson 1 - Following content as how to play / listen to  Alap (slow introduction on slide / Indian Raga) /
Lesson 2 - A debrief and discussion / breaking down the example Raga Bhimpalasi (afternoon Raag melodic scale)
Lesson 3 - The scale structure and step by step instructions for practical playing up and down the slide based on the previous Raga. 
Lesson 4 - Back to Basics with the Practical Break Down of playing the Major Scale up and down the fretboard. This can be applied to any key though I am using D in 432Hz.
NOTE : There will be a lot of information within each of these videos and therefor it is recommended to go at a pace suitable for yourself and take notes for yourself. I am tuned in D but in the A 432Hz for personal preference but will do videos in different keys and at 440 Hz at later stages if requested. Please feel free to comment or ask questions that may help or inspire you and others reading this :)
Lesson 1
~ A taste of Indian Raga (Melodic Scale)
Lesson 2
A little more on the discussion side.
~ Who am I
~ Why the Crystal Ball
~ Indian Classical Music / slide / instrument debrief

Lesson 3

Breaking down the Raga (scale of Raga Bhimpalasi )

from Lesson 1

Lesson 4

Back to basics ~ We have looked at Raga, Alap and a little on the technical components of the Indian Slide Guitar. Now its time to bring out the major scale and begin from square 1 learning to walk, run and slide up the fretboard with

Do Re Mi /

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa

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