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From Indian Classical Music to progressive & universal sound  orchestrations. Become the experience of group singing in the ‘harmonic sphere’ a musical world of Rhythm & Raga. Inspire the universal language of sound through voice and apply it to ones own unique expression, instrument dance or song


The ancient classical music of India originates from nature, it was connected through spirit by priests chanting mantras and invoking the spirits through melody and rhythm. That music was not for entertainment purpose but for focus and spiritual practices. It is with this intention the practice of devotion remains with Indian Classical Music of today and the basis of the Raga Sphere.


Shivam studies and plays music from a vast array of styles an original platforms as can be seen from his above album collection. When teaching and conducting workshops and seminars this is also often the case. A reflection to the musical upbringing and mixed culture of our modern day. This often helps students identify and integrate what they learn, theory and practical back into the larger society and world at hand.


Teaching largely from Indian Classical Music to progressive & universal sound  orchestrations. Become the experience of group singing in the ‘harmonic sphere’ of Raga, Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. Charge and heal the physical and subtle body through:  Voice and vibration alone. Unveil the universal language of music: Apply it to any life practice, dance, song, instruments.

Since Raga's are already established entities created through the centuries from teacher through student, seldom is ownership governed over the individual Raga's; making them separate from the musician thus the player feels they are the vehicle not the creator.

They are channeling the Raga.


(Note there are hundreds if not thousands of Raga's conveying very specific and individualistic moods, colours and atmosphere.)

The Indian 'Do Re Mi' ~

Sa - Re - Ga - Ma - Pa - Dha - Ni - Sa (high octave)

Ultimately; universal Language is Music! Whatever language we put on top of it, ultimately the melody, the rhythm and the sounds can be felt, heard and understood to any different onlooker around the world. In Indian instrumental music, percussion and even dance it is well understood that before playing or acting out the composition, raga, song or recital etc - you learn to speak it.

It is this direct association of conscious clarity that gives brain to body action and with the same clarity. Thus the Harmonic Sphere workshop is mainly focused on vocal activity to imbibe the correct sounds, pitch and tone and allow the map of language to be expressed and experienced through the direct flow music (you may read it here, but less theory and more experience is my philosophy!)

During longer sessions, students will then take out there instruments if they play one and apply there direct association of the musical language they have been singing to the instrument for a far deeper recognition of the head to hand connection.

Vocalists will be taught how to apply lyrics, mantras etc upon the universal sounds they are learning to sing through the various Raga's chosen through the sessions, learning the relative connection and flow between notes in numerous ways and dynamics.

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