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From New Years Eve 

Public Celebration 

Kirtan and Dance Event ! 



@ Flourish Sanctuary

NSW  Nimbin


Are you eager to dive into the enchanting world of Indian Ragas, unravel the mysteries of musical scales and melodies, and set your intentions for 2024 with clarity and focus in a serene ashram setting?

Do you have a passion for chanting, Kirtan, Mantra, and the uplifting power of group singing? Join us and become part of a conscious community, resonating with positive vibrations through the magic of sound.

Teacher Info :

Shivam Rath: Yoga Teacher, Multi Instrumentalist and Indian Classically trained musician,

+ Introducing a special guest Yogini

Yidan Zhang Yoga from China : 

Other special guest Teachers : 

Kathyrin Riding voice activation and Yoga.

Sara Rath Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Mico Sundari : Mantra, Voice, Sanskrit Pronunciation

(Bio on teachers

Read Further Below)

Are you eager to dive into the enchanting world of Indian Ragas, unravel the mysteries of musical scales and melodies, and set your intentions for 2024 with clarity and focus in a serene ashram setting?


  • Want to learn Indian Ragas or expand your understanding of musical scales and melodies? 

  • Yoga and Ashram Living during the New Year Resolution for clarity and focus for 2024 intention setting

  •  Deepen your skills with voice, sound or instrument whether it be stringed, wind, sanskrit or percussion ? 

  • Already know or play Indian Music or Instruments and want to take it a step or quite a few steps further? 

  • Love Chanting, Kirtan, Mantra, group singing and being in a conscious crowd of self developing souls through sound and positive vibrations?

  • Hanging out in lush rainforest participating in Yoga, Music and exploring inspirational nature, creeks, waterfall, or unwinding with pool and sauna? 

  • This list can go on but I think you get the idea whether this sounds right for you ? 

The possibilities are endless, but we trust you've caught the essence of what we're offering. If this resonates with your soul, it's time to embark on this incredible journey with us.

Book your spot now and let 2024 be the year of transformation, music, and inner harmony!

Early Bird Prices :





With Dance, Musical Celebration and clear meditative intentions. 

Imagine yourself amidst the lush rainforests, where you can immerse in rejuvenating Yoga sessions, create beautiful music, and explore the wonders of nature, including serene creeks and cascading waterfalls. And when it's time to unwind, luxuriate by the pool or soothe your senses in the sauna.


Camping / Dormitory

or Private Rooms (limited numbers)

Private From:


To Shared & Camping :



(Shared Room Price OR  Camping option)

& Early Bird 


For full 4 nights accomodation and food. 

+ Optional Extra Night / Day Program only for Early Birds 

Read More Below : 

(Early Bird Discounts available until the 01/12/2023.)


Private Rooms (very limited, please confirm before booking.) :  $2080.00 

Choice of Deluxe Private Rooms near Pool and Sauna Facilities. 



Please enquire for further details. 

 *includes 2 main gormet meals and morning tea / snacks lunch, dinner. 

(+ Simple Breakfast Is Included  )

Coffee and Black Tea will not be provided but participants are welcome to bring.

Includes 4 / 5 (see early bird bonus) 

 nights accomodation and all sessions throughout the time including select choice of instrument hire, private sessions and access to Pool & Sauna facilities. Please advise before the retreat for instrument interest.

* We are only accepting participants for the full course period 4 days to keep the focus and group commitment throughout; the 1 night and day New Years Eve event itself is open to the public however.

*Maximum of 15 -20  participants to keep the retreat intimate and contained so secure your position by booking soon and receiving the early bird discount! 

 Previous Retreat Was Completely Booked OUT 

More info about the spectacular Black Sheep Farm and Compassion Temple where we are running the retreat including accomodation options, garden to table catering, access to Spring Water, bush walks by creeks, and to private Waterfalls visit:

If this resonates with your soul, it's time to embark on this incredible journey with us.

Book your spot now and let 2024 be the year of transformation, music, and inner harmony!

Booking Info

At bottom of the page : 

Schedule : 



A special celebration of musical sound healings, meditation, Kirtan & DJ's + Mantra Hop Beats. 

 With a setting towards a strong Sankalpa (New years Intention) within a heart felt space and joyful drug/ alcahol free atmosphere.

(open to public Guests )

Online Tickets 

More Info TBA 

* Early Bird * BONUS!

Participants Can Arrive on the 30th Eve 

For extra night Accom and additional morning / day programs including 

Breakfast and Lunch

Free of any extra charge!



7:00 Meditative Prana Flow Yoga(Water)

8:30 Breakfast+Clean up(Karma Yoga)

9:30 Nada Yoga Workshop

11:30 Morning Tea

12:00 Nada Nidra(Yoga Nidra with Live Music)relaxation meditation 12:30 Lunch+Clean Up (Karma Yoga)

14:00 Special New Year’s Activity


7:00 Meditative Prana Flow Yoga(Fire)

8:30 Breakfast+Clean up(Karma Yoga)

9:30 Strengthening New Year's Soundkalpa Workshop Meditation

11:30 Morning Tea

12:00 Nada Nidra(Yoga Nidra with Live Music)relaxation meditation 12:30 Lunch+Clean Up Karma Yoga

14:00 Free time or optional workshop at 4pm

16:00 Special Open New Year's Event - Flow Yoga with Live Music


 18:00 Dinner+Clean up(Karma Yoga) 19:00 New Year's Kirtan Event


7:00 Meditative Prana Flow Yoga(Air)

8:30 Breakfast+Clean up(Karma Yoga)

9:30 Raga/Tala Music Workshop

11:30 Morning Tea

12:00 Nada Nidra(Yoga Nidra with Live Music)relaxation meditation 12:30 Lunch+Clean Up Karma Yoga

14:00 Free time or optional workshop at 4pm

16:00 Sound Healing Workshop

18:00 Dinner+Clean up(Karma Yoga)

19:00 Mindful Yin Yoga & Meditation


7:00 Meditative Prana Flow Yoga(Ether)

8:30 Breakfast+Clean up(Karma Yoga)

9:00 Tala/Rhythm Raga/Melody Group Activity 11:00 Morning Tea

12:00 Closing Ceremony

12:30 Lunch+Clean Up Karma Yoga

14:00 Check out and leaving





All Black Sheep Farm Accomodation Enquires Please Contact :

0433 173 508

Or E.mail

Otherwise Please Contact :

Or complete this booking form 

About the Teachers and Facilitators

Shivam Rath is a second generation Aussie Indian Musician, following his fathers footsteps in both the world of Yoga and Indian classical music and since seriously taking up the path is sliding up to be Australia’s leading Slide Guitarist. Born into a musical family he has been combining his knowledge and path of meditation into the classically trained field of Music, Mantra and raga. He is also writing and producing his own music and compositions, with many C.Ds bridging, reviving and blending the ancient arts and music into our modern world.

Shivam has studied music directly from some of the worlds top leading instrumentalists including Riley Lee (Shakuhachi) Japanese flute & Indian Slide guitarist Debashish Bhattacharia. He is  particular  passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge of music and has taught and hosted workshops, retreats in numerous countries and locations around the world as well as multiple tours  with some of India's incredibly acclaimed maestros, earning a respect and recognition for establishing himself in this rich and ancient musical tradition.  

Yidan Zhang is a student of prana and love. She shares her art as a yogini and the teaching of movement meditation. She is an intuitive somatic practitioner, a nurturing and passionate community builder and teacher educator, and a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher / mother. Yidan’s asana classes are a delicately balanced experiences of rhythm and flow, subtle cueing and unique somatic patterning. In Yidan’s teaching style, asanas are dynamic containers to explore the healing effect of breath and remember our essential intelligence. She guides her students through the process of learning how to cultivate a sense of internal support and empowerment. Whether she is offering more subtle practices, or in-depth asana sequences, her skills as a teacher are informed by her commitment to self exploration. She is a senior teacher and first Chinese affiliate trainer for the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga with her teacher Shiva Rea. Over the last decade, Yidan’s experiences teaching at a variety of festivals, trainings, retreats, and studio settings, have polished her unique ability to lead group practices with graceful clarity. She is also an experienced translator in the yoga field. Translated trainings and workshops for the world’s top teachers over 1000 hours. She translated two yoga books, and many training materials. -- 享流动的人生。

Including Shivam Rath's Nada Nidra Meditations

Flow for Life! 祝福,

Best regards, 张议丹 Yidan

Kathryn Riding is a teacher of voice, movement and yoga with more than 30 years' experience. She is also an accredited Yoga Australia teacher trainer, a graduate of WAAPA and has taught at some of Australia's finest training institutions including NIDA, WAAPA, QUT and the Northern Rivers Conservatorium. Her training also includes yoga teacher training with Eve Grzbowski and Mardi Kendall at the Sydney Yoga Centre where Kathryn also taught, studying yoga in India, training in voice and movement with Roy Hart Theatre in Paris, completion of advanced teacher training course with internationally recognised yoga teacher Donna Farhi, ongoing training in BMC Body-Mind Centring, Reiki, ongoing vocal studies with Shivam and Mico. Kathryn is passionate about vocal freedom and the therapeutic effects of sound and devotional singing.  

Sara Swati Rose Rath ~ Born and raised into a musical, spiritual, yogic family in Byron bay.

After a big healing crisis 12 years ago Sara dove deep reconnecting to her truth and healing medicines, creative spirit and drive to study and work with many Healing modalities integrating and creating a unique fusion (combining, plant medicines, yoga, body work, breath, nutrition &  sacred women’s work)

At age 21 an opportunity to travel to Peru and drink medicine in the jungle re directed her course, following big shifts and changing destructive patterns into scared ceremony. This inspired a journey to study yoga in Rishikesh India, (200hr Association of yoga and meditation) followed by regular immersions, retreats and private trainings, all over the world, (8 months of private teacher trainings with renowned yoga teacher trainer Lance Schuler)

6 years working with medicinal plants including CBD oils.

3 years of regular guided water-fasting twice a year while studying nutrition with Susan Schuler.

Body work trainings, level one Zenthai shiatsu, level 1 and 2 Lomi Lomi, level 1 Reike, Level 1 Cranio Sacral Certificates & currently undergoing education and training in a 1 year course specialising in women's sacred sexuality.


~ ? ~ WHAT YOU WILL LEARN  ~ ? ~ 

In this enriching retreat, you will embark on a transformative journey to expand your knowledge and skills in the realms of music, language, and holistic living. Here's what you'll learn during our immersive experience:

1. Expressive Language and Music Mastery:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music and language, including Mantras and Sanskrit.

  • Develop your unique expression through these elements and harness their potential.

2. The Essence of Indian Classical Music:

  • Dive into the theoretical and philosophical aspects of Indian Classical Music.

  • Explore the esoteric concepts of Raga and Tala, and their ancient origins, as passed down through generations of musical maestros.

3. Focus on Musical Components:

  • Choose your path: concentrate on voice, rhythm, instruments, or Sanskrit pronunciation.

  • Delve deep into your chosen area of expertise.

4. Musical Instruments:

  • Explore the world of Indian musical instruments, including Tabla, Mridunga, Indian Slide Guitar, Sitar, Tanpura, and more.

  • Practice and play these instruments to your heart's content.

5. The Language of Rhythm and Melody:

  • Learn to speak the intricate language of Rhythm (Tala) and Melody (Raga).

  • Discover how to skillfully combine them to create your own compositions, songs, or mantras.

6. The Magic of a Single Raga:

  • Master the art of a single Raga and learn how to invoke specific feelings, moods, and atmospheres.

  • Act as a conduit between the world of Ragas and the cycles of time through your music.

7. Guided Melodic Exploration:

  • Sing freely and be guided through the melodic phrases of a single Raga.

  • Benefit from both individual tutoring and group meditative sessions.

8. The Power of Sound and Self:

  • Understand the significance of sound, the natural keys, tonal qualities, and your own voice's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Explore how to enhance these through Sadhana, much like the body in Yoga.


9. The Holistic Ashram Lifestyle:

  • Embrace the yogic lifestyle in an Ashram-style setting.

  • Immerse yourself in music, mantra, asana, pranayama, and meditation within a stunning natural environment.

10. Vocal Freedom and Confidence:

  • Experience the profound benefits of opening your voice, which connects you to your heart.

  • Enhance your everyday communication and build confidence in your daily life.

11. Bridging Head and Heart:

  • Learn from Shivam how the throat serves as a bridge between the head and the heart.

  • Discover how the power of voice and sound can harmonize your physical, mental, and emotional being.

12. Nature's Inspiration:

  • Revel in the natural wonders of the Black Sheep Farm retreat center and Compassion Temple.

  • Enjoy waterfalls, spring-fed creeks, a swimming pool, sauna, private rooms, and breathtaking garden and landscape views to keep your creativity flowing.

13. Personalized Learning:

  • Benefit from private and optional classes with multiple teachers who will guide and support your unique journey.

14. Lifelong Skills and Connections:

  • Forge lasting connections and acquire lifelong skills.

  • Enjoy special discounts on instrument purchases and ongoing lessons after the retreat.

This retreat offers a holistic and immersive experience, where you'll not only learn about music but also explore the depths of your own self and connect with the natural world. It's an opportunity for personal growth, artistic exploration, and connecting with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. Don't miss this chance to expand your horizons in a beautiful and supportive environment.


"Its not about how long you practice but the quality of your practice"....

Thus we want to cultivate greater concentration and awareness to accelerate practice and learning.

The collective and self disciplinary routine of Ashram style living is made to create a simple but strong structure that is conducive to study and accelerated growth cultivating stronger levels of awareness throughout the day. The adjustments to daily routines enhanced by early morning Yoga, meditation and / or music, mantra practice shifts rapidly mental patterns and thus automatically giving rise to new experiences.

Yoga and meditation naturally allows a clear mind and healthy more supple body from early morning giving easier access to assimilation of new knowledge, musical ideas, memorising skills and sitting comfortably for longer periods.

* This is by no means a boot camp but.....

If you are looking for a luxurious retreat with great comfort and ease this retreat is not for you. The personal growth here comes with the challenge of diving beyond our comfort and by no means is learning Yoga, meditation & Indian Classical music ever meant to just be easy;  no matter what instrument you choose or what vocal techniques you already know.

However there is also no overall goal or outcome in Yoga or learning Indian Classical Music and the real results are in how much you explore, develop, expand and realise about yourself and your own musical expression; given the extra skills and pointers we have to share :) 

How to book the Retreat?

step1: fill your information @

Or send it to the following email address.

E.mail with Subject: Raga Retreat


1. Your name

2. The number of participants

3. contact phone number

4. contact email address

5. your arrival time and expected departure date

6. Your instrument if you are bringing something to focus or a request to learn & borrow?

7. Which accommodation choice? 

8. Dietary Requirements (Gf / vegen etc)

9. Musical experience.  

10. Any questions or requests.

Step2: Payment

** You will get a PayPal link or you can pay directly into the bank account of:

S.Rath BSB: 082-729

Acc No: 983400020

With a screen shot or conformational e.mail of proof of payment attached. 

There are limited spaces so please pay a $400 deposit to secure your spot or the full amount if you wish for the early bird price and bonus

(before the 01/12/2023)

 ( payment is including all gourmet veg meals and accomodation)

Below Video From Past Retreat 


NadaNidra ~ Rhythm & Raga


Music Meditation

A Yogic practice of guided meditation blended with atmospheric music and artists from around the world. Lay down listen & relax; language of instructions include English, Japanese & Chinese

For More information about Rhythm and Raga scroll down.

For more information about  YogaNidra & NadaNidra click here


Crystal Slide

Raga's are based from nature and times of day/ night. Ragas require the musician to become a medium to invoke the mood and feeling above all else in learning a new scale. A small clip based on Indian Raga Durga.


Melody, Movement & Rhythm


Incorporating Music

Music is a field of vibration coursing through the current of this moment; offering as the perfect medium to demonstrate where our consciousness is or isn’t. Based on Yoga and advanced practices discover how Music can create a constant stream to keep the mind engaged with the act or practice of meditation. Experience when the mind is empty how the music will just 'flow' through and keep us in the 'zone'



Sing though your hands

Just about all Indian instrumentalist I have met can replicate their playing through their voice. The intrinsic connection between head and hands is not in the tone or tenor of our vocal range but in the feeling and conscious connection between the movement or language of sound


Voice & Sacred Sounds

Mantra means to release or liberate the mind; it could be as subtle or dynamic as one needs. Sanskrit mantra or Chanting sacred sounds or syllables through the power of will, voice or percussive rhythms is a profound meditative practice ’which allows us to discover the geometrical foundations of space and time.



Presenting the Trinity of Music ~?~



The physical body is also a vehicle of sound and communication between music. The trinity in Indian philosophy being Mother Melody (Raga) Father Rhythm (Tala) and the combined creation between them: movement or dance. Through the practice of Yoga and tuning into the physical body on a subtle plane one can experience dance like states through feeling alone; a free flow allowing the body to lead and the mind to rest and let go.



The language of rhythm is a world of its own; and through the serious practice of Tabla Shivam has learnt how to speak intricate rhythms and syllables which allows him to play almost any percussive instrument with skill and dexterity. The practice his highly meditative balancing both brain hemispheres and is akin to chanting or doing ‘mantra’ meditation.
Another clear example signifying that first music should come from inside; because if you can speak it ~ you can play it!



Based upon original and traditional sources including the ancient Raga system and intuitive nature of heart to head connection; Shivam teaches in depth and highly subtle movements between the major scales, tones and semitones which create the rich atmosphere and mood that is Raga. Using Voice and Instrument to demonstrate the dynamics; this too becomes a universal language applicable to any sincere music aspirant.

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