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Patreon Connection

Patreon is a great online platform and way to join and share this musical journey far more intimately then any other social media site or even here on my own website. The reason is it encourages fans and 'patrons' to support their chosen artists with various support options and in return the artist gives back special gifts, music, videos or insights into their creative process and finished works which more often then not is a result of this exchange between us.

At present I dont feel the pull to dive into Patreon after the recent fire incident on the 23 / 3 / 2021 which destroyed my home, studio and pretty much all my belongings. Because of how much people gave back unconditionally I could not ask people to support me there too. 


 However if you want to support my music then simply encourage me on any social media, youtube, streaming service or purchase my music directly on bandcamp.

Thank you

& remember we all inspire each other :)

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