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Online Or in person Lessons for those in NSW Australia 

Whether we want to become famous musicians or we simply want to enjoy the practice; the purpose of NadaYoga is neither. Like any lifestyle choice or path it is a way to recognise the profound benefits music and sound can bring to our own lives subsequently impacting and effecting those  around us. Having experienced this for oneself we can then share this as a living experience, using music as the medium for healing and upliftment.

Lessons can be arranged in person (NSW Australia ) or in the comfort of your own home via Skype and other online mediums.

Prices start from $80 1hour ~ minimum 4 lessons .



Facilitating small Intimate groups are also fun and can be easy to work with. No previous experience required as long as one is willing to open their voice and connect to their hearts.
Fees are based on personal preference to single or multiple classes and can be dependent on previous training & experience. Regular Workshops and Musical meditations about to open in Byron Shire click here or for more info or  quotes:


Melody, Movement & Rhythm


Incorporating Music

Music is a field of vibration coursing through the current of this moment; offering as the perfect medium to demonstrate where our consciousness is or isn’t. Based on Yoga and advanced practices discover how Music can create a constant stream to keep the mind engaged with the act or practice of meditation. Experience when the mind is empty how the music will just 'flow' through and keep us in the 'zone'



Sing though your hands

Just about all Indian instrumentalist I have met can replicate their playing through their voice. The intrinsic connection between head and hands is not in the tone or tenor of our vocal range but in the feeling and conscious connection between the movement or language of sound


Voice & Sacred Sounds

Mantra means to release or liberate the mind; it could be as subtle or dynamic as one needs. Sanskrit mantra or Chanting sacred sounds or syllables through the power of will, voice or percussive rhythms is a profound meditative practice ’which allows us to discover the geometrical foundations of space and time.



Crystal Slide

Raga's are based from nature and times of day/ night. Ragas require the musician to become a medium to invoke the mood and feeling above all else in learning a new scale. A small clip based on Indian Raga Durga.



Presenting the Trinity of Music ~?~



The physical body is also a vehicle of sound and communication between music. The trinity in Indian philosophy being Mother Melody (Raga) Father Rhythm (Tala) and the combined creation between them: movement or dance. Through the practice of Yoga and tuning into the physical body on a subtle plane one can experience dance like states through feeling alone; a free flow allowing the body to lead and the mind to rest and let go.



The language of rhythm is a world of its own; and through the serious practice of Tabla Shivam has learnt how to speak intricate rhythms and syllables which allows him to play almost any percussive instrument with skill and dexterity. The practice his highly meditative balancing both brain hemispheres and is akin to chanting or doing ‘mantra’ meditation.
Another clear example signifying that first music should come from inside; because if you can speak it ~ you can play it!



Based upon original and traditional sources including the ancient Raga system and intuitive nature of heart to head connection; Shivam teaches in depth and highly subtle movements between the major scales, tones and semitones which create the rich atmosphere and mood that is Raga. Using Voice and Instrument to demonstrate the dynamics; this too becomes a universal language applicable to any sincere music aspirant.

MUSICAL Production

Tva Meva Mantra Music Video

Interested in Music Production and recording your musical visions?

Creating atmosphere and effect through instruments and dynamics. Explore the scope of a range of sound design mixed with Mantra and live instrumentation.

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