Soul Sangeet

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A new style Concert based on Indian Classical combined with world Music. Sangeet is sound or music in Sanksrit and follows a deep belief of spirit in sound; hence Soul Sangeet. NadaBrahma a famous Sanskrit proverb underlines the ancient and now modern belief that the world/ universe is created, sustained and made from sound. Soul Sangeet attempts to bridge this ancient belief fusing the highly evolved form of Indian Classical with Modern day music.


Since diving into the world of sound Shivam blends  a unique 22 string  slide guitar/sitar (known by his teacher as the chattarangi) with a crystal slide. This fusion instrument symbolises a cross culture of harmony in sound and music; inspiring Shivam to create the events Soul Sangeet in order to facilitate this process on a wider scale and reach a wider audience. Each event incorporates different musicians, instruments, vocalists and international Special guests bridging the gap between world and local music and establishing a wider world music culture.

Check out the next Soul Sangeet 2020 tour with international tabla player Saptak Sharma from Delhi

Dates and Venues yet to be confirmed for January next year so stay tuned or feel free to be in contact if you wish to host a booking in Australia during that time. 



Upcoming Tour Dates & Links



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/ Crystal Slide

9/01/20 ~ Soul Sangeet duo @ The Yoga Shala

Kempsey  NSW

11/01/20 ~ @ OneSpace - More info @

Monavale Sydney

13/01/20 ~ @ Wollongong Yoga Center

18 Kenny Street, Wollongong NSW 2500

Phone (02) 4228 9654

14/01/20 ~ @ Woolgoolga Home Concert

105 Morgans Rd Sandy Beach Buy tickets from CJ 0477051894

17/01/20 ~ @ Birth & Beyond


18/01/20 ~ @ Core Life Yoga

Cairns QLD

19/01/20 ~ @ Core Life Yoga Workshop

  Cairns QLD

25/01/20 @ Byron Bay Theater

Byron Bay NSW

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