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Musical Manifestations 

 pursuing the atmosphere of spirit in sound 

Performing Musician, Teacher & Producer 

Check out projects and products from the past

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2022 Shaku Shakti Album In Zen and Mantra Hop Are Out Now ! 

Shaku Shakti :

A Masterful Trio featuring Grand Master Riley Lee on the Shakuhachi, Shivam Rath on the Indian Slide Guitar and Maharshi Raval's Tabla leading the percussion. While based on an Indian Classical formula a slow carefully structured arrangement of phrasing within the chosen Raga/ Oriental Scale balances the melodic component with constant improvisation.

The Chosen Scale of the Japanese sounding flavour was a pentatonic scale I researched which was called "Insen"

Thus came the name of this Album "In Zen". 

Mantra Hop : blends mantra with Indian Classical music and lmodern day technology. A unique and diverse array of songs from low-fi hip hop beats with mantra to lush pads, high crescendos and sub bass frequency 

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Some Diverse SAE creative media institute Projects for music production 2021 

Video Game

Music For Games 

Non-Linear arrangements for all styles. 

Examples below: 

Across The Genres

From Soul to Funk to Blues to Hip Hop to Meditative Atmospheres. Check out a broad exploration of styles

Electronic Remix

Electronic Production with Live Instrumentation etc such as latest 2022 album Mantra Hop 

Music for Film  

A small sample of applying music and folly (sound effects) to a silent snippet of a horror movie for non-commercial project based learning.

Since the Fire Shivam has been drawn to rediscover and blend many old genres of music with his recent 10 year study and performance of Indian classical music 
(More Bio Info Here) 

View his latest collection of music on Bandcamp.
New upcoming tracks include influences from Indian Classical with Soul, Funk, RNB, Hip Hop and Alternative Rock.

Upcoming Track Soul Sonic 
(Demo Master) 

Recent Track Test for Mastering at the SAE state of the Art NEVE studio
(Above Picture) 

Below Are some more Past Works: 


Music Meditation

A Yogic practice of guided meditation blended with atmospheric music and artists from around the world. Lay down listen & relax; language of instructions include English, Japanese & Chinese. 

Also Available to listen for free online

@ insight timer Shivam Rath with over 20 000 listens.

NadaNidra front副本.jpg


Japanese; English & Sanskrit Mantra

A blend of world music ideas, language and sacred mantra/chants - planting the analogy that all humans are like stars glowing in this universe, reflecting and radiating inspiration upon each other with Mico Sundari on Vocals. 


Music or Meditation

Voice; songs, music and ambient sound scapes. Get in touch and let us know what vision you wish to manifest. Shivam provides original compositions and world class instrumental tracks for all purposes, with full copy right use. Past production projects include film scores; meditation music and voice recordings, to children songs as well as musical arrangements and compositions in traditional and modern day use including international languages.

Read below For more info or get in touch ~ 


 Available Online or Amazon & I-Tunes


Follow Links for More info or to listen online

Videos from the back in the day 


A Combination of Instruments in the vast versatile world of Indian Classical Music. Tabla drums accompanied.


A Combination of Musicians and instruments; based upon Indian Classical Music.

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