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Shivam Rath
Performer & Producer 

Blending Ancient Arts
With Modern Tools 

Riding the Waves of Sound
 With a Crystal ball

 2022 Mantra Hop Tour 

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2022 Mantra Hop Live Music Tour & Concerts 


2022 Shaku Shakti Album In Zen will be released soon ! 

A Masterful Trio featuring Grand Master Riley Lee on the Shakuhachi, Shivam Rath on the Indian Slide Guitar and Maharshi Raval's Tabla leading the percussion. While based on an Indian Classical formula a slow carefully structured arrangement of phrasing within the chosen Raga/ Oriental Scale balances the melodic component with constant improvisation.

The Chosen Scale of the Japanese sounding flavour was a pentatonic scale I researched which was called "Insen"

Thus came the name of this Album "In Zen". 

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What Drives My Music ?
'When I am in the flow there is a sense of effortless harmony and upmost contentment which takes place & then naturally the music is that same feeling and thus the gift I have to share with others'.
Studying Indian Raga and Music has only enhanced this feeling and knowledge of connecting to the flow.
Shivam Rath ~ Jan/2019

Culminating Concert @ Byron Bay Theater 30 Aug ~ 2018