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Shivam Rath
Performer & Producer 

Blending Ancient Arts
With Modern Tools 

Riding the Waves of Sound
 With a Crystal ball

 2022 Mantra Hop Tour 

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2023 Mantra Hop & L ive Music Tour & Concerts 


2023 Mobile Music Studio Production



Be inspired by the new fully innovative idea and vision of Shivam Rath's latest studio creation built entirely himself.  

Now Open for enquiries of musical interest and offers of hire or purchase. 

The project embodies the spirit of mobility, creativity, and innovation and showcases a fully fledged mobile home-style studio that is professionally set up with acoustic treatment and soundproofing for all recording and studio mixing needs. Soon to be fully solar-powered and operational in remote locations, and built with an environmentally-friendly design that is small, compact, cozy, and elegant.

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Indian Classical Music Legacy 

Byron Bay 


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@ Byron Bay

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Spotify : Shivam Rath / Micotsuki Shivamoon

~ Our Journey ~

~ Interested in staying connected, online collaboration, musical ideas and new creations fresh out of the oven?

Perhaps interested in following and sharing this journey a little more intimately with myself and happy to take an active part to encourage it?

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Then please check out my BandCamp OUR JOURNEY

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Our Journey



What Drives My Music ?
'When I am in the flow there is a sense of effortless harmony and upmost contentment which takes place & then naturally the music is that same feeling and thus the gift I have to share with others'.
Studying Indian Raga and Music has only enhanced this feeling and knowledge of connecting to the flow.
Shivam Rath ~ Jan/2019

Raga Pooriya Kalyan with Shivam Rath & Maharshi Raval
Shivam Rath

Raga Pooriya Kalyan with Shivam Rath & Maharshi Raval