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Shivam Rath
Performer & Producer 

Blending Ancient Arts
With Modern Tools 

Riding the Waves of Sound
 With a Crystal ball

 2022 Mantra Hop Tour 

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2023 Mantra Hop & L ive Music Tour & Concerts 


2022 Shaku Shakti Album In Zen Is Out Now  !



A Masterful Trio featuring Grand Master Riley Lee on the Shakuhachi, Shivam Rath on the Indian Slide Guitar and Maharshi Raval's Tabla leading the percussion. While based on an Indian Classical formula a slow carefully structured arrangement of phrasing within the chosen Raga/ Oriental Scale balances the melodic component with constant improvisation.

The Chosen Scale of the Japanese sounding flavour was a pentatonic scale I researched which was called "Insen"

Thus came the name of this Album "In Zen". 

Screen Shot 2023-05-05 at 8.51.21 am.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 11.06.44 am.png

Upcoming Events : 

Melbourne SoundKalpa 

20th / May / 2023

You may be transported through a deep meditative space and taken on a journey from the subtle to an explosive crescendo of sounds and magic musical frequencies that transcends all matters of mind. The nature of this highly improvised classical system is like a channel of energy that imbues the musicians and audience alike creating a powerful conduit to invoke the essence of the Raga that is shared and creates a highly charged atmosphere that uplifts and inspires.

Thursday 1st / June / 2023


Soul Sangeet ~ Traditional Temple Set

Mantra and Music



A traditional and intimate set of Bhajan, Kirtan & Mantra infused instrumental music based on Indian Classical Music. We're excited to welcome back for the first time in many years, 8th generation Sarangi Maestro Sangeet Mishra, who is well-known and well-loved, (Read more about Sangeet below).

Early Bird Tickets are $25 (first 20 sales) and then $30.

Chai and Sweet included.

Note **

Due to limited space and parking, we request ride-sharing where possible and thus advise online tickets so we can monitor space and access. Please bring cushions/rugs as per your liking.





Friday 2nd of June 


(Electronic Party Set)

On the Mt

Indian Classical Fusion Set with Beats and Live Djs

Upper Main Arm


Indian Classical Music takes a electronic turn with Sarangi Maestro Sangeet Mishra and Shivam Rath plus special guest DJ's

Prepare for Transcend - Dance:

Soul Sangeet presents a unique blend of high-quality Indian classical music and electronic beats in an unforgettable live music performance that will get you up and dancing! Join Sarangi Maestro Sangeet Mishra and Shivam Rath on the crystal slide and multi-instrumental set-up, along with special guest musicians and DJs, for an evening of soul-stirring music.


The event will be held at Upper Main Arm, bordering Mt Jerusalem National Park. Exact address details will be provided after booking your tickets. Food and chai with an Indian touch will be available for purchase.
This initiative focuses on instrumental and group mantra singing mixed with movement and dance from electronic low-fi beats, sub-bass, and live instrumentation.


Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of music and dance! Early bird tickets are available for $30.00, with door tickets costing $40.00.

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What Drives My Music ?
'When I am in the flow there is a sense of effortless harmony and upmost contentment which takes place & then naturally the music is that same feeling and thus the gift I have to share with others'.
Studying Indian Raga and Music has only enhanced this feeling and knowledge of connecting to the flow.
Shivam Rath ~ Jan/2019

Culminating Concert @ Byron Bay Theater 30 Aug ~ 2018