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Shivam Rath
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What Drives My Music ?

'When I am in the flow there is a sense of effortless harmony and upmost contentment which takes place & then naturally the music is that same feeling and thus the gift I have to share with others'.

Studying Indian Raga and Music has only enhanced this feeling and knowledge of connecting to the flow.

Shivam Rath ~ Jan/2019

Culminating Concert @ Byron Bay Theater 30 Aug ~ 2018

A Search for Sacred Sound


What makes music sacred? What is Spirituality ?

To simplify these concepts firstly; despite being into Yoga, Mantra & Hindu/ Vedic culture I do not hold onto any particular religious belief. Though I do believe that the meaning of Spirituality is discovery while Religion is belief itself.

  Why do I use a crystal ball?

I have been criticized for this as a means of being too 'spiritually inclined' by my teacher (Debashish Battacharia and other musical buddies ).

However the decision was a natural choice which came from observing other Indian instruments using similar stones including the ancient Vichitra Veena. Since I have been pursuing an ancient system of classical music the adopted use of a Himalayan crystal opposed to the typical steel bar, came about due mostly to touch and tonal qualities. After I lost my customary steel bar in Dharamsala India in 2013 I decided it was time to test the Crystal and since then it stuck. 

This possibly adds to the 'notion' of sacred sound but actually they both sound sweet. What I believe to be the essence of sacred sound is the force behind the music; the connectivity of the musician to the nature; a life of living music, which is the essence of Indian Raga and why its such a humbling practice.

So yes tonal quality and sustain, feel of dynamics etc all differ with a crystal ball to a steel bar which is quicker and sharper in precision, but ultimately its always up to the hand of the player! Technique is important but the emotive and inherent feel or vibe of a player can play an even great part.
Science is now proving the benefits of Music on the physical plane, neurologically and emotionally. Because music is an active energy following energy in motion - E.motion; it is thus a direct way to balance and harmonise the emotional energies with the physical plane ~ like a harmony between head and heart. If we consider it to be something sacred on a level of total respect and reverence then music too would become a spiritual path.

A great quote from the movie 'copying Beethoven'

Ludwig van Beethoven: 'The vibrations on the air are the breath of God speaking to man's soul. Music is the language of God'

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